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Weekly training of high trained athletes during the season?

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:26 am    Post subject: Weekly training of high trained athletes during the season? Reply with quote

I have gone a long way the last three months reading and learning about exercise physiology and the best way to train for best performance . and now i am at the stage of concluding something and i need some argument and confirmation for my conclusion if you please.

I have three major dilemmas

1: after all the information about aerobic endurance and lactate threshold and anaerobic endurance and after the protocols i read to enhance each of them . I arrived to the conclusion that the best exercise program ever for a specific sport is doing the sport it self ? is it right?
However it would not practical, for example let's take marathon runner, to run a whole marathon just to get the benefits of that training. plus doing for example a training soccer match in the purpose of enhancing aerobic and anaerobic performance would not be as effective as the real competitive match, plus it is more prone to injury and time and energy wasting.
So I thought that is where the exercise protocol comes in handy.
Is my way of thinking right ? is it what is really is ?

2: based on the above conclusion that a sport event is basically the best exercise to enhance that sport specific fitness, I would assume that during the season , for example for a soccer club which have an average of 2 games per week , there would be no need to focus on fitness training for the active participating players. Because having two competitive matches a week would provide a good exercise that cover all their performance needs.
is this right ?
and I would imagine the weekly training session rather than endurance and interval training would be practicing techniques and play strategies, and some power training and staying warm and flexible.
what do u think , am I still sounding right?

3: I think the exercise protocols for aerobic endurance and interval training etc,.... are spared to the substitute players and for the per-season (after the off-season) to regained the highest level of fitness. and also it is used with beginners and law level athletes who have not reached yet their optimal performance.. and last for injured players.

IS that right>

I would like to know if somebody has an example of a weekly training program of some soccer club during the season.

That would be all

I think you very much and look forward for your comments
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